Get to know Hedge Farm and its Owners

Hedge Farm was established before the Civil War, roughly around the 1840s. The main house on the property dates back to around 1850. Once a farm of over 2,000 acres, only 175 acres remain. The property is listed on the National Register of Historic Places as a Historic Farm Landscape. The extensive planting of Bo'darch hedgerows is what gives Hedge Farm its name.

The House at Hedge Farm has been described as one of the best examples of a planter's cottage in Mississippi. The main house consists of three bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms, large center and side hallways, living room, dining room, kitchen, and a stunning back porch. There have been very few changes to the house since it was originally built. There are two doorways that were altered to increase the air flow of the house. The current kitchen in the house was the third kitchen installed at Hedge Farm. The bathroom edition and back porch edition were added in 1997 by Malcolm Heard of New Orleans.

The Garden House (the guest house) was constructed about sixteen years ago. It is complete with a Den, Kitchen, Bathroom, and loft Bedroom. The timbers in the ceiling are red cedar and were harvested on the farm, and the mantle above the fire place is made from Bo'darch. A unique feature of the house is the staircase, which takes up only half the floor space of traditional stairs. 

The Barn measures 36x36 and has a shed containing five stalls and a large loft.

The Gardens and Courtyard are perfect for wedding ceremonies, receptions, and other special events. 

  • Summer: The gardens at Hedge Farm show their colors from mid April throughout the summer and fall. A celebration here is not complete without an outdoor component. 
  • Fall and Winter: As the seasons change and the colors shift to fall tones, the plants accentuate classic garden ornaments scattered throughout the property.

The Pavilion and Chapel are our two indoor options for wedding ceremonies and receptions. There is a rustic yet elegant touch to both spaces.

Hedge Farm is 30 minutes from Memphis, 10 minutes from Holly Springs, and 35 minutes from Oxford.


The Owners and their Family 

From the beginning, Hedge Farm was passed down from generation to generation within the same family since the early 1840s. In May of 2016, Steve and Layne Popernik purchased the property to fulfill a lifelong dream of owning land, hosting events, and entertaining guests. Steve grew up in Oxford, MS while Layne grew up in Corinth, MS. They both enjoyed spending time on the farms of family and close neighbors. So naturally after hearing that Hedge Farm was for sale, Steve and Layne could not hold back on their dream home!

Steve and Layne were aware of the previous wedding ceremonies and events that took place at Hedge Farm before they brought the property. Hosting events, entertaining guests, and planning events have always been strengths for the Popernik's. Layne has the vision and Steve helps make the vision happen!

In May 2015, Steve and Layne's daughter, Anna Cates, was married to her husband, Andrew Lyons. With the help of family and friends, Steve and Layne planned, coordinated, decorated, arranged, and conducted a successful wedding ceremony and reception for 285 people. After that, Steve and Layne felt comfortable and committed to planning events. This also helped make their decision to continue weddings and special events at Hedge Farm!

Steve and Layne value family. Therefore, their children are a part of the staff at Hedge Farm along with many others. Anna Cates is the Marketing Manager for Hedge Farm. She will be the primary contact and source of all information. You may speak with her over the phone, message through an e-mail, or meet her in person when she is in Memphis. Due to her husband's career, they do not live in Memphis, but Anna Cates does visit as much as she can. 

Steve and Layne also have a son, Joe. He currently lives at Hedge Farm and attends school to get his degree in air-frame and power-plant. Joe is the event assistant and will help maintain the grounds and prepare for weddings and other special events. You may see Joe playing various roles at Hedge Farm to insure the work behind the scenes is complete. 


Our Welcoming Committee 

Hedge Farm also has a large welcoming committee! The first to welcome you will most likely be Angel. She is a Chihuahua-Yorkie mix who thinks she is a 70 lb. Rottweiler. Angel loves to bark at anyone who pulls up on the property, but will be quick to go hide when you give her attention. If you are looking to steal her heart, all you need is a treat in hand and you will be her best friend!

You may also be greeted by our cats, Cal, George, and Oreo. Angel is best buddies with the cats and they enjoy spending their afternoons day-dreaming and sun-bathing on the back porch and in the gardens. George spend the days roaming the land and searching for the best place to take naps. They enjoy a good belly rub and back scratch from anyone who is willing to make a cat friend!

Other Popernik family members include horses, Ghost, Doc, and Lucy.  You will see Ghost, Doc, and Lucy behind the house in the field or in the side pasture. These three stay together throughout the day so if you see one, the other two are close behind.